Cry of the Rocks: Wonderful Title, equally wonderful story

By  Ruth Finnegan, author of Black Inked Pearl - a girl's quest on 13 August 2017 As much a deeply felt and informed documentary as fiction – but with a great un-put-downable story and characters all the same. Above all the writing is so beautiful, one of the few books, beyond the great ...

Pixie Emslie

The Idler’s column, Mercury

Monday 1 October

The Idler,  Mercury

Mining   aggro

THERE’S   lots of aggro at the platinum mine, all kinds of people stirring it up. All   kinds of hidden agendas. Some horrific violence. Lots of boozing; quite a bit of   sex. Plenty of disturbing underground action.

This   flies from the keyboard of my old newspaper colleague Pixie Emslie (Pixie   Malherbe in the days I knew her).

No,   Pixie isn’t writing for one of our more august financial papers about the   Marikana hassles (though she almost could be), this is a novel based on her   experience of the mining industry, where she produced magazines for various   companies.

Cry   of the Rocks (Strategic Book Publishing) is fiction. The police break up a   couple of bar brawls, they don’t open fire on strikers. Ju-Ju doesn’t feature.   The NUM is there but the breakaway union is not.

Yet   parallels with Marikana uncannily are there – the dreadful conditions   underground, the constant danger; the proliferation of shanty slums in the   post-apartheid era; the manipulation of the workforce; the overseas financial   dimension.

Where   Marikana has dodgy trade unionists, dead-beat politicians and unsophisticated   workers, Pixie introduces a criminal twist with an international dimension -   kidnapping, extortion, sabotage. And, of course, some pretty harrowing   underground stuff. The plot gets very tight toward the   end.

Do   the good guys win? I’m not tellin’ ya!




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My second book, His Precious Diamond, launched on 28 July. Follow the link for the youtube video. Available through Amazon, Kindle and book stores, it is perfect holiday reading with romance, fun and sex. My first novel, Cry of the Rocks, won the South African Writers' Circle award for the best self-published book of 2012. Movie director Gray Hofmeyr has a movie option on Cry of the Rocks, and there is a great review in the International Thriller Writers' e-mag, TheBigThrill, January 2014 edition.
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