Cry of the Rocks: Wonderful Title, equally wonderful story

By  Ruth Finnegan, author of Black Inked Pearl - a girl's quest on 13 August 2017 As much a deeply felt and informed documentary as fiction – but with a great un-put-downable story and characters all the same. Above all the writing is so beautiful, one of the few books, beyond the great ...

Pixie Emslie

Sample Chapter

Cry of the Rocks has been displayed on book fairs around the world, including Beijing and is creating interest in many markets. With the platinum mines in south Africa also the focus of the world’s news as the miners strike for higher wages, this story is one not to be missed.

For a tantalising glimpse of the real thing you can read the first chapters here on line. Click on the link and enjoy. You will definitely need to buy the paperback or e-book as you will want to find out what happened.

Cry of the Rocks Sample

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