Don’t we all love it when a plan comes together – and so much more so when it is the culmination of all those hours and hours of writing, re-writing, editing, changing, re-proofing. And in my case it was even more of a challenge to take a hard look at my Exotica Romance, His Precious Diamond, and to realise that it was just sitting there, not doing anything.

So I decided to take it away from the traditional publishers I had, and re-publish it on Amazon Kindle, this time on my own as an Indie author. To do that proved to be quite an interesting challenge as it turns out it is not simple to fire a publisher. One is totally in their hands, or at least I found I was and it was at their behest to decide to let me, and my book, go.

Having finally got that, my next challenge was to put it all up on Kindle Direct Publishing, a task I found more difficult than I’d expected. So, sensibly it turned out, I asked around until I found the right people to help me. In this case it was Dave Henderson at MYeBook, based in Cape Town. What a pleasure to have them take over, sort it all out and seamlessly get it done.

What joy! What fun! And there it is – His Precious Diamond, the first in Pixie Emslie’s Exotica Romance Series – up and looking gorgeous on amazon.

Take a look: 

And watch out for the second in my Exotica Romance Series – His Prize Cheetah, which is due for release in a few months’ time.



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