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"Writing a book is not like just writing. Anyone can just write something but very few of those make it to a complete book. Follow along and together it could just happen."

Flying into 2018 at a fast pace

Blink and the day has gone - or maybe not, if you're determined to get that book written - done and dusted so that you can move on to the next one. Here we are already nine days into the new year, and I haven't completed the next chapter, the one that has been sticking for so long.

But it is chapter eight, and it has actually been written so it is just a case of re-reading, editing and making sure those lively characters haven't moved or changed places by mistake. Don't you find they sometimes simply change the colour of their hair or something. That can sneak up on you unexpectedly and then you have to go back and check, of yes, she had curly honey-blonde hair and now suddenly it is straight. How did that happen? Or the driver's name disappeared, or he changed the car from a Bentley to a Daimler? Still impressive, but in the movies it is called continuity. In novels it is carelessness, or worse.

So, as we head into the new days of the new year, it will be an exciting ride. Two books this year? Why not? And a third from my husband - well, that could exciting too.