It has been a somewhat exciting adventure, getting my whole website redesigned, re-organised and refreshed. Thanks to a smart young man, who knows a lot more than I do about how to do all this, it has been a creative journey. Dean Tennant of DT Web Design in Wilderness, South Africa, took on the project and listened carefully to what I suggested, then went ahead and made the necessary changes, using his own ideas to embellish my somewhat vague suggestions.
What I found interesting about the process was the fact that when I wasn’t too sure of what exactly was needed, it took a young person like Dean to identify and execute the specifics. Well done Dean.
And I’m sure you would agree, the new version of is certainly a great improvement on my original efforts. It will also make me enjoy writing more – and I’ll keep us all up to date with the progress of the Next Romance, which is about 80 percent complete.

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