Cry of the Rocks: Wonderful Title, equally wonderful story

By  Ruth Finnegan, author of Black Inked Pearl - a girl's quest on 13 August 2017 As much a deeply felt and informed documentary as fiction – but with a great un-put-downable story and characters all the same. Above all the writing is so beautiful, one of the few books, beyond the great ...

Pixie Emslie


I am a born and bred, 10th Generation (Yes, Tenth Generation!) South African, descended from French Huguenots who came to this country from France in 1688.

It must run in my veins as I love cooking, and of course writing.  My first effort was at the age of 12 when i wrote a complete book about life at a boarding school. Then came various other stories, until finally I wrote – and published – Cry of the Rocks. Only when I had completed this did I begin to appreciate exactly what is invvolved in actually writing a whole book! Hats off to the thousands out there who have done so, seemingly effortlessly too.

Always wanting to write, my first job was on The Daily News, a wonderful newsdpaper in Durban, South Africa. Then came magazines in London, UK, and more years on newspapers and magazines.  I taught industrial editors, lectured on various courses, have been a speaker at seminars and conferences both in south Africa and in the USA. I was the founding President of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) in South Africa, and am an Honorary Fellow of that organisation.

I love writing short stories and am a member of the Southern Cape Writers’ Group and of the South African Writers’ Circle. I have written two romance novels, and am working on the third. What fun, and with summer here as well.


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