His Precious Diamond

His Precious Diamond is a page turner in the true romantic genre, a must-read for lovers of sensual, torrid love stories.

Heroine Natasha, an alluring and beautiful model at the top of her profession, is seduced then abandoned by handsome and charming playboy Jed Lawson. Immensely wealthy and successful, he is deeply involved in the diamond business and in fabulous jewellery. He sweeps Natasha off her feet completely.

Their one night of wild passion changes her life forever. But she pursues her successful career and keeps her secret to herself. What is that secret? Read the book and find out! This fast-paced racy love story is well constructed and written in Pixie’s breezy style.

His Prize Cheetah

The second in the Pixie Emslie Exotica Romance series

On the steamy beaches of the tropical island of Mauritius it was passion at first sight for billionaire playboy and womaniser of note, Anton van Coller and the deliciously sexy Francesca – better known to her friends as Cheetah. Both anxious to protect their identities, the two decide simply to enjoy their island fling – and to stay away from the pressures of their own high profile lives.

But back at her famous father’s ranch in Africa, Francesca is absolutely blown over when Anton turns up unexpectedly. He is involved in a fabulous global jewellery and art exhibition, and Cheetah is dragged into it, her exquisite face perfect to model the creations.

She also has to face the fact that she was just one more of the many beautiful and famous names he had taken to his bed – but this time the golden playboy is smitten, while she is absolutely determined not to fall for his charms, or into his bed, again.

Moving from the wilds of Africa to the glamour of London and New York, this is a story to warm the coldest heart – and leave you longing for more. 


Cry of the Rocks

What Caused the Mine Collapse?

What kind of bravery is needed to enter the bowels of the earth, and to do so again day after day, when life could be snuffed out in a moment? Cry of the Rocks is a thriller about the world of deep rock mining.
The mystique of mining has always fascinated people, and mining is also big business, which can attract dangerous players. The book’s issues and dangers take readers into the depths of a fictional mine named Nkuti, a modern deep-rock platinum mine in post-apartheid South Africa.

A mysterious man threatens the miners into sabotaging the mine, while also carrying out two kidnappings. The story involves murder, international conspiracy and trapped miners awaiting rescue.